Why is it so important to provide correct translations in your visa or immigration process?

Your Canadian visa application will be returned as incomplete if you do not include translation to ALL your documents that are not originally in English or French; moreover, if you do not submit correct translations with your applications. 

If this happens to you, you will be asked to resubmit your visa application, starting from scratch.

This applies to all visa and immigration applications, even if made by applicants living outside Canada to their local visa office. 

It applies to all applicants living in Canada, in the US or outside Canada. 

All supporting documents that are part of your visa file and are not in English or French (the two official languages of Canada) must be translated (either into English or French), following all IRCC guidelines. 

If any original document cannot be the source of one of your translations, it may be replaced by a certified copy. However, your translator must apply the translation seal to both the certified copy and the translation.

Applicants should use an accredited translator (officially recognized or authorized) in the country where the translation is being completed.

Important: All stamps and seals not in English or French must also be translated.

The government of Canada makes it very clear that translations must not be done by the applicant themselves, by their family members or by representatives or consultants of the applicant. Even if a member of the applicant’s family is a lawyer or notary public, he or she is not authorized to translate documents for an application to IRCC.

Should the translation accuracy appear suspect, IRCC reserves the right to request a retranslation by a different translator? IRCC is not responsible for any translation fees.

Each applicant must ensure that the hired translator is accredited (officially recognized or authorized) in the country where the translation will be carried out. If the official who will evaluate your case suspects the authenticity of your translations, he can request a “retranslation” with a different professional. In that case, IRCC will not be responsible for any new translation fees.

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